Asynchronous activities

Video presentations

The heart of PyMCon are its video presentations. The speakers have all prerecorded their presentations to be published on October 24th. PyMCon videos are available for everyone without any registration required.

There are three presentation formats:

30-40 min video about tricks, best practices, related library, etc.
60 min video + engaging exercises diving into a topic.
Let's build a model
45 min to 120 min video documenting how to build an example model using PyMC or associated library such as Bambi.

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Asynchronous discussion

In order to ease the interaction with the speakers and encourage discussion on the different talk topics, each talk has its own post on PyMC Discourse.

PyMCon is an async first conference. Not being able to attend the live session on the 31st does not prevent accessing the talks nor interacting with the speakers.

Access the async discussion

Begginer zone

If you’re brand new to Bayesian statistics, have questions, but not sure where to start, the Beginner zone is the place. Specifically its a mailing list like chat channel in the PyMCon 2020 Zulip organization where seasoned Bayesians will be available to to help folks out.

It’ll be active from October 24th to November 7th. If you’re interested please register using the form below and you’ll get an invite shortly.

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Discourse networking

Starting October 24th, PyMC Discourse is not only a place for PyMC related questions. Our sponsors and community partners will also have topics dedicated to them where attendees to PyMCon's async format can network and interact with them.

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Syncronous session

This page describes each activity, to see when will they happen go to our schedule page


PyMCon will have 3 keynotes. The keynotes are invited talks that will be shared for the first time during the live session, and will only be published afterwards.

The keynotes will be broadcasted twice, once per time zone of the live event, but not all broadcasts will have a Q&A session at it end. Check the schedule page for more details

Live speaker Q&A

In addition to being able to interact via Discourse with the speakers, each speaker will also have 10 minutes to anwswer questions either from Discourse or Zulip about their video presentations.


PyMCon will also host a Sprint during the Africa/Asia/Europe time zone to encourage and guide new contributors to the different libraries of the PyMC project.

The sprint will have core contributors dedicated to onboard the new contributors, point to interesting issues and make sure the PRs are reviewed.

Diversity and Inclusion at PyMCon

Our commitment to the PyMC community is to create an inclusive and respectful conference environment that invites participation of people from all backgrounds, including, but not limited to gender, age, ethnicity, religion, accessibility and sexual orientation.

D&I touches every aspect of the conference, and we have various initiatives to promote diversity and inclusivity at PyMCon. Here are some examples at different levels:

PyMCon organization