Frequently Asked Questions

Key Dates

Async Conference Start: October 24th on PyMC Discourse

Beginner Zone: October 24th to October 7th on Zulip

Synchronous Conference: October 31st on Webex and Zulip

Will the presentations be posted publicly?

Yes, all talks will be posted on October 24th on the PyMC Discourse and on Youtube. No registration or payment is needed to watch the talks.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Yes, the Code of Conduct applies to all areas of the conference and will be enforced. An anonymous reporting form is available.

Do I need to purchase a ticket?

A ticket is only required for the synchronous conference To take part in any of the async activities such as the beginner zone or the talk discussion on Discourse you do not need to purchase a ticket

What questions will the speakers answers during the live Q&A?

The Live Q&A will be moderated by our awesome volunteers, and will be a casual conversation that includes a mix of questions from them, the discourse and the zulip chat.

Are all speakers part of the Q&A?

No and the schedule may change depending on availability. Please check the schedule page for the latest updates

Is the conference being broadcast twice?

The keynotes will be played twice in each conference. The Q&A's will only occur once live for each speaker. Pleae check the schedule for the specific details.

Will the live sessions be recorded and published?

We will make a best faith effort to record the live sessions, but being good Bayesians there is some probability of technical isssues, set your priors as to what will happen accordingly.

Why aren't the keynotes on discourse?

The keynotes will first be available in the synchronous conference, after which they will be published on Youtube and Dicourse in the same format as the other talks

How do I get an invite to zulip?

Invites to zulip will be sent as part of the process for synchronous conference registration and the Beginner Zone.

For the synchronous conference can I take part in both sessions?

Yes, for those who purchase a ticket you will be sent Webex links and associated details for all tracks of both conferences

I bought a ticket. What next?

We will be emailing instructions to the email your registed with shortly after October 24th with specific details, links, and registrations. For technology we will be using Webex for the Question and Answer sessions and sprint. Zulip will be used for out chat platform.

I am unable to afford a ticket

We have scholarships available for folks that are in need. Please apply here

Where is the ticket revenue going?

We are incredibly proud to say that all revenue, excluding a small transaction, supports Scientific Open Source through funding NumFOCUS and the PyMC group of projects. It funds opportunities such as student development, developer summits, and things like like slack and logos which bring the project together.

Are the donations tax deductible?

In the United States the donation portion is tax deductible as NumFOCUS is a registered 501c3. If outside of the United States you'll need to check with your local tax locality.

Has the America's time zone spring been cancelled?

Yes. To make sure that sprint attendees have enough help and guidance, only the Africa/Asia/Europe time zone will host a spring.