Planning Committee

Ravin Kumar

Executive Chair

Ravin is a proponent of open source, but more importantly open knowledge and the communities that surround them.

Thomas Wiecki

Executive Chair

Advocate for Bayesian methods and probabilistic programming

Oriol Abril-Pla

Diversity Chair

Trying to keep an open yet skeptical mind by contributing to open source software+statistics

Sid Ravinutala

Marketing Chair

International Development. Statistics/data science for international development. Sounds more confident than he is.

Hector Muñoz

Program Chair

Hector is a Bayesian and open source enthusiast who enjoys learning how to build models for complex systems.

Quan Nguyen

Program Chair

Someone with very flat priors

Chris Krapu

Program Committee

PyMC3 Enthusiast, Researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee

Cem Tabakci

Volunteer Chair

Opens to any kind of knowledge and believes asking questions helps to solve most of the problems

Colin Carroll

Marketing Committee

Colin is a contributor to PyMC3 and ArviZ. He is enthusiastic about open source science, data visualization, and his small dog Pete.

Alex Andorra

Diversity Chair

ArviZ & PyMC Dev, Modeler @ PyMC | Labs, Host of 'Learning Bayesian Statistics' Podcast 🎙️, Open source & Nutella enthusiast

Maria Gorinova


Probabilistic Programming PhD student at University of Edinburgh

Vianey Leos Barajas


Assistant Professor in Statistical Sciences and the School of the Environment at the University of Toronto.

Abhay Goyal

Committee Member

Msc at Stony Brook University

Christian Luhmann

Technology Committee

Faculty at Stony Brook University focusing on computational (often Bayesian) models behavior-related data.

Corrie Bartelheimer

Planning Committee

Data Scientist enthusiastic about Bayesian stats, hierarchical models and waffles.